Haley Prochnow is an artist, writer, and native of St. Paul, Minnesota. Her oil paintings, drawings, and cotton jacquard woven blankets are a nod to the artistic cornerstones of the 19th century Fin De Siècle- emotionalism, symbolism, moral decadence and subsequent decline. Through surreal imagery she seeks to magnify the absurdity of collected objects acting as an accurate and direct reflection of who we are and the role that they play in communicating our class, culture, status, and values. Her images of Edwardian parlors and exotic collectables satirize the objectification of culture and class in early western folk art objects that were forged to uphold racist and classist societal standards, stereotypes, and reinforce social order. The vibrant personification of sullen flower vases and disgruntled kitsch tea cups express a cartoonish apocalyptic indulgence of color and imagery that celebrates the end of a phase in civilization. However, her work clownishly critiques a collective comfort with an ostentatious lingering bigotry that inherently exists upon placing value on these art objects.


Contact: hprochnow01@gmail.com / @eloisavonwagner


All photos on this site were taken by Zachary Cramer.